Hello, my name is Mikee and I’m currently a Creative Director for Drjays.com and Freelance Photographer from San Diego, CA who is obsessed with food, traveling and my two dogs. I love chatting over a good cup of coffee or a really well-made old fashioned. If I’m not working or traveling, I’m usually spending time with friends and family.

Design will always be the basis of my aesthetic but photography will always be my first love


My photographic journey began at a really young age with a disposable camera and I haven’t looked back since. While I work full-time in the Design and Fashion Industry, photography really is my passion but the cool thing about that is, the two are so intertwined that my approach to design is very much similar to my approach to photography. The combination of the two has really crafted my photojournalistic style and minimalistic approach.
One of my favorite things to photograph is environmental portraiture. I feel like including where you are in a portrait really helps create a narrative and that’s basically what I want to do with your wedding. Tell a story. Tell your story.



    So what does a “photojournalist approach” mean in terms of the kinds of wedding photos to expect from me? Basically I’ll be there to document your wedding as it happens. At times, I’m there even when you feel like I’m not there. Instead of thinking about the photos, just think about what your day means and the fact that you’re making this amazing decision to be with your person. Do that, and the photos will just fall into place.

    But don’t worry! There will be tons of moments where you’ll be getting direction (mostly during portrait sessions). And at any time throughout the day, don’t be afraid to ask for a photo. I got you.


    I know… it can totally be awkward being in front of the camera, I myself am super awkward! But that’s totally ok. Not everyone knows what to do in front of the camera and my goal is to help you feel and look good. With a little collaboration and trust, your photos will look amazing.


    Yes! I highly recommend you booking an engagement session. Not only would this be a great time for us to meet, but it would help you get more comfortable being in front of the camera.


    The thing we hate talking about most right? While I have a set pricing for some of my packages, all weddings and all budgets are different, so let’s chat.

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